Carved in Stone E-Newsletter

In December 2015, the project team began producing a monthly e-newsletter to keep recipients informed of project progress and other related news. Each edition contains:

  • Life Story - The profile of a person whose life story we have been researching. Including combatants and non-combatants, such as conscientious objectors, VAD nurses and other important wartime women, well-known Merton people, etc.
  • Home Front News - Excerpts and commentary on local news topics from a selection of the 5 newspapers covering the Merton area during the war.
  • Project Volunteers - An article written by one of our local volunteers about their experience contributing to the project.
  • Then & Now - Compare two photos taken within Merton. One of wartime Merton and one of modern day Merton.
  • Upcoming Events - A list of upcoming project events, plus other local and London history events of interest.

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For the latest edition of the newsletter, click here

For the latest articles, images and news, click on Life Story, Home Front News, Project Volunteers and Then & Now.