Atkinson Morley Hospital

The hospital was founded by Atkinson Morley a wealthy hotelier and former medical student, who was one of the Governors of St. George's Hospital, Hyde Park. It opened in 1869 as a convalescent home for patients recovering after treatment at St. George's. Patients were transported between the two hospitals in closed horsedrawn carriages on Wednesday afternoons. By 1888 a special 14 seat omnibus had been purchased to aid the transfer of patients.

Atkinson Morley Hospital underwent repairs and modernisation during the early 1900s, including the introduction of electric lighting. During the First World War it was used as a home for the care of injured servicemen. Beds were placed on the balconies surrounding the wards, as fresh air was deemed an important part of their recuperation.

The hospital closed in 2003 and services were transferred to a new Atkinson Morley neuroscience wing at St. George's Hospital Tooting. In 2006 the former site was sold for development and is now known as Wimbledon Hill Park. It is occupied by luxury apartments, with 17 acres of the surrounding land designated as a conservation area.