Cadet Forces

Kings College School

This historic private school transferred to Wimbledon from The Strand in 1897. It educated the sons of the gentry and wealthy businessmen for careers in politics, diplomacy, the clergy and the military. The school had its own cadet force and was a natural training ground for recruits to the officer corps. During the First World War several hundred Old Boys volunteered for the forces, serving in many different units, from the East Surrey Regiment and the Honourable Artillery Company, to the Royal Flying Corps and assorted colonial units. Amongst the school’s lengthy Roll of Honour was George Edward Cates V C.


Rutlish School

The original “Science School” opened at Kingston Road in 1895. In addition to academic subjects, the school had its own cadet force and placed great emphasis on drill. Many of its pupils were destined for a career in the army and many old boys joined the officer corps during the First World War, including John Dimmer V.C.