Able Seaman Harold Edward Havill

Date of Birth 17 January 1896
Age at Death 24
Date of Death 6 April 1920
Service Number J/15241
Military Service Royal Navy HMS Victory
Merton Address 18 Dryden Road, Wimbledon
Local Memorial Wimbledon Cemetery

Additional Information

Harold Havill was born in East Budleigh, Devon on 17 January 1896. He was the son of Tom and Annie Havill who were living in Dryden Road, Wimbledon at the time of his death.

Harold became a Brewer's labourer but enlisted into the Royal Navy on his 18th birthday, 17 January 1914.. He served throughout WW1 on many capital ships including HMS King George V, and Achilles.

He died in 1920 of pulmonary tuberculosis, while based at HMS Victory, a shore based establishment later known as Pompey Barracks, Plymouth.


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