Lieutenant Guy Baron Reed

Date of Birth 29 October 1887
Age at Death 30
Date of Death 23 August 1918
Service Number
Military Service 8 Battalion, Bedfordshire Regiment
Merton Address Pencoyd, 2 The Drive, Wimbledon
Local Memorial Wimbledon Parish Church

Additional Information

Born in Kensington on 29 October, 1887, Guy was the son of Eugene Reed and his wife, Hazel. The couple also had at least two other sons. Eugene Reed was a partner in the family firm of Reed and Reed, based at 1 Guildhall Chambers, 31 Basinghall Street in the City of London. During Guy’s early childhood, the family moved from Kensington to a property called Pencoyd at 2, The Drive, just off the Ridgway in Wimbledon Village.

Like his brother Dane, Guy joined the family law firm after completing his education, but had only just become a fully qualified solicitor when war broke out. He originally enlisted in the Royal Fusiliers in September 1914 but was discharged in February 1915 and secured a commission as a Lieutenant in the 8th Battalion, Bedfordshire Regiment.

During his military career Guy suffered from poor health, including frequent bouts of Trench Fever. He was hospitalised at Felixstowe, Thetford and Rouen, in addition to being granted leave for 3 months in December 1916. During the same period he also missed a medical board due to Jaundice. He wrote to the War Office requesting a discharge or home service due to ill health and family circumstances. His younger brother, Dane was killed on 18 August 1916 and another brother had lost a leg. The request was refused, so Guy rejoined his brigade but was wounded during an attack led by Captain W E Aylwin MC, just south of Albert, during the Battle of Ancre. The brigade was caught in open ground, near Tara Hill, leaving them in clear sight of an enemy machine gun to their right. A lieutenant and 6 Other Ranks were killed, plus 48 wounded during the fighting. Guy died from his wounds the following day on 23 August 1918. He was 30 years old.

Guy was buried in Daours Communal Cemetery in the Somme region of France. His name also appears, alongside that of his brother Dane, on a memorial plaque at Wimbledon Parish Church.


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