Air Mechanic 1st Class Harry Walter Everest

Date of Birth 9 March 1898
Age at Death 18
Date of Death 6 January 1917
Service Number F/18675
Military Service Royal Naval Air Service
Merton Address 133 South Park Road, Wimbledon
Local Memorial Holy Trinity Church, Wimbledon

Additional Information

Born in Chelsea on 9 March, 1898, Harry was the son of Alfred and Dorothy Everest. His father was a Colonel Sergeant in the Royal Marines and in 1901 the family was living in the District Royal Marine Barracks in Devon. Accommodation may have been somewhat cramped as Harry was one of six children. He had three older siblings - Alfred, William and Dorothy, plus two younger siblings, James and Gladys.

By 1911 Harry’s father was a Naval Pensioner and Warder at Kensington Palace. The Everest family was now living at 133 South Park Road, Wimbledon.

Prior to the war, Harry worked as a clerk. Conscription was introduced in March 1916 and by June of that year Harry had joined the Royal Naval Air Service. Based in Dunkirk, where he was “accidentally shot” on the 6th of January, 1917 and his injuries proved fatal. He is commemorated at Holy Trinity Church in Wimbledon.


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