Rifleman Hubert William Joslin

Date of Birth c. 1896
Age at Death 19
Date of Death 30 July 1915
Service Number S/971
Military Service 8th Battalion Rifle Brigade
Merton Address 106 Park Avenue, Mitcham
Local Memorial Mitcham War Memorial

Additional Information

Hubert was born in the summer of 1896, to James William Henry and Pollie Joslin. He had three older brothers, Harold, Reginald and Douglas who worked, respectively, as a writer for the admiralty, a ship’s steward, and a clerk for a Bristol merchant. His father worked as a metal merchant’s manager, and then as a traveller for a hardware agent; basically, a travelling salesman. The family lived at 34 Jessica Road in Wandsworth, before moving to a six room house at 106 Park Avenue in Mitcham.
Hubert worked as a typist at a typewriting office when he was 15, but had become a clerk by the time he enlisted on the 3rd of September, 1914, in Lambeth.

He was 5’5”, 117 lbs, with blue eyes, fair hair, and a “fresh” complexion. He was reckoned to have 331 days of service in the army, though much of this time was spent in training in England, as he wasn’t sent to France until the 20th May, 1915.

He was killed in action in France. His father appears to have died slightly before he did, as he is not listed in Hubert’s service record.


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