Private Thomas Charles Negus Eyles

Date of Birth 7 August 1897
Age at Death 18
Date of Death 20th November 1917
Service Number 91706
Military Service Royal Tank Corps F Battalion
Merton Address
Local Memorial Raynes Park Methodist Church

Additional Information

Born in Battersea in August 1897, Thomas was the son of railway clerk, Thomas Eyles and his wife, Emma (formerly Von Knapp.) The couple also had an older daughter, Lucy.

At some point between 1901 and 1911, the Eyles family moved from their home at 24 Almeric Road, Battersea to 18 Beatrice Avenue, Norbury.

Thomas was aged 17 when war broke out. He enlisted in Wimbledon as a Private for the Royal Tank Corps F Battalion.

He was killed in action and died on 20th November 1917 aged 20. He is remembered at Cambrai Memorial Louverval and also at Raynes Park Methodist Church.

During the interwar years Thomas’s sister, Lucy, married Douglas Dalton (25 July 1931) at the church of St Mary the Virgin, Merton Park. The couple lived in Dorset Road for many years, until Lucy’s death on 1952.


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