Private Lionel Percy Crump

Date of Birth c. 1893
Age at Death 23
Date of Death 9 December 1916
Service Number 21700
Military Service 8th Battalion Somerset Light Infantry
Merton Address 40 St George's Road, Wimbledon
Local Memorial Rutlish School, Merton

Additional Information

Lionel Percy was born in the last quarter of 1893, the eldest son of Percy 0sbourne and Mary Elizabeth Crump, at the time the family lived in Wimbledon.

The 1901 Census reveals that Percy and Mary Elizabeth were visiting 82 Stockwell Park Road in Lambeth with their 2 eldest sons, 7 year old Lionel and 2 year old Norman. 33 year old Percy’s occupation was recorded as an ironmonger’s assistant.

Lionel Percy is not shown on the 1911 Census but this reveals that his father Percy 0sbourne was now the manager of the ironmonger shop and that the couple had been married for a total of 18 years living in a 7 room house at 40 St George’s Road in Wimbledon, with their youngest son 7 year old Basil along with 70 year old Georgina, his widowed mother and their 25 year old domestic servant Clarice Davey.

Lionel Percy enlisted at Wellington in Somerset in the Somerset Light Infantry. In 1916, when the Somerset Light infantry were posted in France. According to the Somerset Light Infantry War Diaries, of the 17th November 1916. C Company moved out east of Beaucourt and took up position holding Ancre Trench and Bois d’ Hollande facing Fusieux Trench. They were shelled intermittently most of the afternoon and received 15 casualties in one carrying party.

Lionel Percy who had been injured on the 17th November died of his wounds on the 9th December 1916 at the 1st Car General Hospital in France.


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