Airman 1st Class William Malcolm Goldsmith

Date of Birth c. 1899
Age at Death 18
Date of Death 27 October 1917
Service Number 65042
Military Service 10th Squadron, Royal Flying Corps
Merton Address 122 Lambton Road, Wimbledon
Local Memorial Rutlish School, Merton

Additional Information

William Malcolm, who was born at Peckham in 1900, was the second son of Arthur, a 29 year old clerk and Jane Elizabeth Goldsmith.

Arthur, who was born in 1868 at Walworth, married Jane Elizabeth Loft, a servant in the last quarter of 1895. The couple eventually moved to Wimbledon by the time of the 1901 Census.

At the time of the 1911 Census, the couple had been married for 16 years with a total of 3 live children who were at school. Arthur was now the managing clerk in a firm of house furnishers. His wife Jane Elizabeth was convalescing at a hospital in Bath.

In 1917, William Malcolm enlisted as an air mechanic in the Royal Flying Corps and died in action on the 27/10/1917. He is buried at Minty Farm Cemetery in France. His service record is not available through Ancestry.

Minty Farm (the name was probably adopted during its occupation by a Wiltshire unit) was at one time used as a German blockhouse and in 1917, as a company headquarters for Commonwealth forces. The cemetery was begun in October 1917 and used until April 1918 by units fighting on that front. More than a third of the graves are of officers and men of the Royal Artillery.

Minty Farm Cemetery contains 192 First World War burials.


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