Private Hugh Cochrane Elsmore Paton

Date of Birth c. 1896
Age at Death 20
Date of Death 7 June 1916
Service Number 5173
Military Service 1st Battalion London Regiment
Merton Address 21 Kings Road, Wimbledon
Local Memorial Rutlish School, Merton

Additional Information

Hugh was born in the second quarter of 1896 in Surbiton Surrey; his parents 33 year old John and Mary Paton already had one child, two year old brother called John.
In 1901, the family resided at 114 Hartfield Road in Wimbledon with Mary’s sister Maud and their servant 14 year old Daisy.

By 1911, the family were now at 21 King’s Road in Wimbledon, 47 year old John and Mary had been married for 18 years and the couple had a total of 4 children, John age 16 years, Hugh aged 14 years, Ralph aged 12 years and Alfred aged only 8 years.
The Census reveals that 47 year old John was employed as a lead merchant. His four children remained at school.

Hugh enlisted in the London Regiment 14th County of London Battalion, London Scottish in London in 1916 and was killed in action on the 7th June 1916. His service record is not available.

Hugh was buried at Hebuterne Military Cemetery.

The village gave its name to a severe action fought by the French on the 10th-13th June 1915, in the "Second Battle of Artois". It was taken over by British troops from the French in the same summer, and it remained subject to shell fire during the Battles of the Somme. It was again the scene of fighting in March 1918, when the New Zealand Division held up the advancing enemy; and during the following summer it was partly in German hands. It was later "adopted" by the Borough of Evesham.

Hebuterne Military Cemetery was begun by the 48th (South Midland) Division in August 1915, and used by fighting units and Field Ambulances (particularly those of the 56th (London) Division) until the spring of 1917; and it was reopened in 1918. The conditions of burial explain the irregularity of the rows.


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