Rifleman Eldred Ernest Templer

Date of Birth 18 July 1900
Age at Death 18
Date of Death 21 November 1918
Service Number 555793
Military Service 16th Battalion Queen's Westminster Rifles
Merton Address 51 Graham Road, Wimbledon
Local Memorial St. Andrew's Church, Wimbledon

Additional Information

Eldred was born on the 18 July, 1900, the son of Edwin Ernest and Celia Margaret Templer. He was baptised at Holy Trinity Church on the 15 November, 1900. His father worked as a carpenter and joiner and seemed to move the family up and down Graham Road in Wimbledon. The family resided at 49 Graham Road when Eldred was baptised, but soon after moved to 103 Graham Road, where they were sharing a house with another family. By 1911, Edwin appears to have been more prosperous, as the family then lived in their own six room house at 51 Graham Road.

Eldred was the oldest child, with at least two younger brothers; Edwin Richard, and Harold William.

Eldred only turned 18 in 1918, as the war was concluding, but he was clearly eager to serve, as he enlisted for home service on the 23 October, 1918. Unfortunately, he died less than month later, at Fulham Military Hospital, possibly from influenza.


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