Private Percival Ernest Young

Date of Birth c1891
Age at Death 23
Date of Death 21 November 1914
Service Number 8702
Military Service Princess Charlotte of Wales's (Royal Berkshire) Regiment
Merton Address Phipps Bridge Road, Colliers Wood, Merton
Local Memorial Mitcham War Memorial

Additional Information

Percival Ernest Young who was born in the last quarter of 1891 was the fourth child of William and Mary Young, who resided at Phipps Bridge Road, Colliers Wood in Merton. He was baptized on the 29th November 1891.

The 1901 Census reveals that his father William aged 45 years was employed as a gas worker, while his mother Mary was 41 years old. The Census also reveals that William the oldest son, aged 18 years was employed as a carman, Elizabeth, the eldest daughter was 14 years old, and her sister, Georgina was 12 years old and their brother Percival Ernest was just 9 years old. The 1911 Census reveals that Mary Young had been widowed and was now residing at 33 Briscoe Road in Colliers Wood.

Percy joined the Army as a profession, as the 1911 Census records him living in Barracks in Dover, with the 1st Battalion, Royal Berkshire Regiment. The 1st Battalion was a Regular Army unit, so when WW1 broke out they were mobilised for War, and sent to Belgium with the British Expeditionary Force on 13th August 1914. Percy’s Battalion would have fought in the Battle of Mons, the Marne and the First Battle of Ypres (19 October – 22 November 1914). It is said that this is where the old regular British army was virtually wiped out and could have been said to have found its grave there.

Sadly, Percy lost his life on 21 November 1914. It is probable that he was wounded at the Battle of Ypres in Belgium, and transferred to the French port of Boulogne-sur-mer which had been transformed into an important British military hospital, where he later died. He is buried at Boulogne Eastern Cemetery. His headstone, chosen by his mother reads, “In Loving Memory – Died of Wounds”.

Percy left an estate of £13.13s.10d to his mother Mary who was still living at 33 Briscoe Road in Merton.

Mary Young lost 2 sons during the First World War, her second son, Archibald George died of broncho-pneumonia at home on the 2nd May 1917, he had been serving as a sergeant in the 4th Dragoon Guards. His story also appears on this website.


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