Captain Gustavus Taylor-Loban

Date of Birth 30 April 1877
Age at Death 42
Date of Death 7 June 1917
Service Number
Military Service Royal Flying Corp
Merton Address
Local Memorial St. Luke's Church, Wimbledon

Additional Information

Gustavus Taylor-Logan was born in Holborn, Middlesex on 30 April 1877 but not baptised until 19 September 1894, when the ceremony took place at St Mary’s Lambeth.
Taylor was his grandmother’s maiden name and Gustavus added the hyphenation.

His father Robert was an accountant, his mother’s name was Grace and he had three younger sisters, Eleanor, Grace and Juliet.

At the time of the 1911 census, Gustavus was visiting Edgbaston and his profession is shown as Civil Servant working for the Inland Revenue. It is known that he attended the London School of Economics as his name is shown on their war lists.

Gustavus joined the Durham Light Infantry and developed a love of flying. On 3 August 1916 he passed his flight certificate in a Maurice Farman Biplane and became part of the RFC. He died on 7 June 1917 in a flying accident at Angus, Scotland, and is buried at Sleepyhollow Cemetery. His sisters and fiancée and the men of his regiment erected a special gravestone engraved with the words “They loved him most who knew him best”

At the time of Gustavus’s death, the family lived in Aberdeen, but his address was given as 58 Gower Street Middlesex. He left £1016 15s 5d.

There is no obvious connection to St Luke’s Church in Wimbledon Park but it is unlikely that there was more than one Captain in the RFC with that name.


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