Military Recruitment

August 1915 National Registration Act- to prod record of all men of mil age to assess strength of nation. Cncl compiled register of 15 – 65 yr olds not in HM Forces = forms left at each house – vol helpers esp teachers wkg on list. 13,146 men and 23044 women registered. Work followed by development of committee to induce people to undertake National Service apart from Mil Service.


Lieut Col Seton Churchill = Wim Recr Officer, distinguished soldier. – from start of war till conscription, Wim gave full quota of recruits. Hall at back of theatre offered by John Mulholland for recr office and large committee formed with cncl suppt. Many volunteered and leaflets distrib far and wideinviting men to join Kitcheners army. Public meetings in every large hall in Wim, processions, meetings outside Town Hall – much enthusiasm shown. Public speakers invited to take part regardless of pol, rel, etc.


Majority of local recruits initially joined London Regt and East Surreys but were moved around as fatalities rose and smaller surviving units were amalgamated.


“We had a prefect at King’s College who became commissioned and went into the Forces just before Christmas in 1917 and at the beginning of 1918 he was back as a master, having lost a leg on the Western Front.” ( V Ely )


Cncl recruits – jobs held for cncl recruits. Local auth made up difference between mil and civil pay. = £4,600 / yr